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Smith’s mission is to enhance outcomes by providing timely, relevant, and accurate credit analytics to decision makers. Smith’s Research provides independent, private research to the investor community. In addition to industry and sector reports, Smith’s provides relative value research products and trading value surveys.


Smith’s Research is driven by a unique database and proprietary analytics.


Smith's Research serves institutional investors, hedge funds, private equity, bank trust departments, Wall Street Firms, regulators and risk managers.


Smith’s conducts research and creates unique credit reports using its own proprietary grading system. Smith’s Research & Gradings provides research and disseminates credit gradings on securities sold both on a new issue basis as well as in the secondary markets. Smith’s Research & Gradings mission is to provide real-time intelligence that provides greater accuracy and predictability to decision-makers.


Credit Rating Agencies provide information about the probability of default or non-payment of a security. Smith’s Research & Gradings provide additional information about the likelihood of recovery in the event of default, as well as event risks that may impact the performance of the security.


The principal economic value of Smith’s credit analytics is grading securities on a new issue basis and the interest cost savings generated for investors from the difference in the market yield between the rated security and the same security that is graded. In addition, for complex or distressed securities or issuers that are not well known, Smith’s Gradings may allow obligations to receive greater market acceptance than ungraded or non-investment grade obligations.


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Smith's Research & Gradings,  has become a bellwether research company, often predicting significant trends and spotlighting controversial subjects sometimes months before they come to light elsewhere. Smith’s provides independent research and third-party analysis for institutional investors. Smith's analysis is an indispensable part of Wall Street and the world's capital markets.

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