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Smith’s Research & Gradings conducts award winning research that produces world changing results. Since its inception in 1992, Smith’s Research & Gradings has established an outstanding trackrecord for high quality research.

Our Research

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Smith’s Research & Gradings provides comprehensive and independent conflict-free credit analytics. Since 1992, Smith’s Research & Gradings has built and maintained a database of information that allows for the consistent application of principles across borders and throughout the global markets. Moreover, Smith’s Research & Gradings risk platform has delivered predictive gradings over nearly 30 years. Smith’s Research constantly works to improve its methodology to reflect a changing world and improvements in our understanding about risk.


Published Reports

Our Grading reports provide comprehensive and detailed insight into the various markets we track. These reports are formulated using the proprietary Smith’s Grading Scale.

Custom Research

We offer fully tailored intelligence solutions to meet the unique business requirements of any size organization. For example, Smith’s Sentinel system has provided real-time surveillance capabilities and pushed predictive analytics for events as slow moving as droughts or as fast moving as terrorist attacks.
We provide portfolio managers and investors with powerful analytical tools that enable you to make more informed decisions about 15-year, 30-year, 50-year, even 100-year risks.


Robust Methodology

Smith’s Research & Gradings has constantly worked to improve its methodology since 1992. We reflect a changing world and improvements in understanding about risk. Smith’s Research & Gradings methodology to provides insights into a process rather than an unchanging criteria. Smith’s Research & Gradings has established an outstanding track record by helping our clients’ investment management programs protect the reliability of their performance.


Why use Smith’s Gradings? Because Smith’s Research has documented over $100 bln. (par) of Municipal bond defaults in the past decade. It’s not just the risky high-yield credits that need your special attention – changes to Article 9 of the Uniform Commercial Code makes perfection of revenue and G.O. bondholder rights almost impossible in some states. Smith’s Gradings reflect a loss and recovery experience that has produced criteria with very dramatic differences.

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Smith's team is a finalist in the UN Climate Change and MIT Climate CoLab "Solve" Contest for Climate Change Solutions.

Smith's team was named one of five finalists from teams representing 147 different countries in the MIT Climate CoLab "Solve" Contest for Climate Change Solutions.  Terence Smith, CEO of Smith's Research & Gradings, led his team including Mohamed Feyz, a PhD student at Purdue University in presenting the team's CO2 Waste Heat Exchange Model at the United Nations in a worldwide session.

Research Experience in Carbon Sequestration

Smith’s participated in the RECS Program (Research Experience in Carbon Sequestration). RECS is the premier carbon capture, utilization and storage (CCUS) education and training experience in the U.S. RECS is sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy, Office of Fossil Energy and the National Energy Technology Laboratory. The RECS network represents the nation's best-in-class in the CCUS field. 

Smith’s Chief Economist working with CSIS to create a Caribbean Development Plan

Smith’s Chief Economist, Scott MacDonald, is working with the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) to create a Caribbean Development Plan.  His thought leadership is being sought at international presentations as well as closed door consultations with Presidents and members of the U.S. and foreign diplomatic corp.

Smith’s Cyber Gradings was launched to keep America's critical infrastructure assets safe and secure

Smith's launched Gradings for America’s critical infrastructure assets in 2015, with Hans Holmer, Chief Cyber Strategist. He is leading the effort to protect and secure States and Local governments from internal/external cyber threats. Mr. Holmer is a 25-year veteran of the CIA, where he worked as a case officer and was highly decorated as an intelligence officer.