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Smith's Research & Gradings focuses on the people, sectors and news that matter the most to you.Smith's analysis is an indispensable part of Wall Street and the world's capital markets. Our approach was inspired by the need for a consistent analytical approach across all asset classes. Smith's Gradings are a time-tested, performance proven, and principles-based approach to risk. We go beyond the numbers to connect the dots for the world's decision makers. We can enhance the performance of investments in assets around the globe, while helping to ensure the safety of portfolios here at home.

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  • The Global Economic Doctor
$79.50 / Per Month
$850 / Year (Save 30%)
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Let a subscription to The Global Economic Doctor provide you with access to sovereign news, analysis and insights. Concise and powerful, the Global Economic Doctor spans the globe, giving you a read on how today’s market developments and key players are impacting your business around the planet.

In today’s markets, every firm needs economic analysis. It’s an existential requirement to avoid black swan events like pandemic infection risks. How will that impact your portfolio. Smith’s Global Economic Doctor can provide you with comprehensive coverage when you need it most. Put Smith’s Chief Economist, Dr. Scott MacDonald on your bench to build strength and stay safe. To learn more about sending a white label version of the Global Economic Doctor to your clients contact us.

  • Analysis of technical factors such as supply and demand
  • Economic analysis of key trade data
  • Expert forecasts on interest rates
  • Intelligence on key political players from around the world
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  • Smith's Research & Gradings